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Q:When Will I Receive My Order


These take the longest to receive from production which is why we only do a limited run, they estimate 1-14 days to begin after placing an order, with another 1-4 weeks to process, and about a 1 week shipping time. From there, we then begin to pack orders (1 week) and finally we can then ship these items out (1-2 weeks shipping time).


We just began our journey with 3D stickers, we are still getting use to the process. It seems production time is about 1-2 weeks with another 4-6 weeks shipping time. However these are much easier to package on our end can get them shipped out within 3 days. And about 1 week shipping time.


Most clothing items are made by the order, after placing an order with us it will take us 1 week to process the order and another week to ship out the order. There may be an additional week worth of wait if we run out of certain sizing.

We have the clothing in stock your order will be process and shipped within a week.


We like to give ourselves a 3 week time frame to process and ship out orders. However, majority of orders (if items are in stock) can be shipped and process within a week. If an item is not in our inventory it will delay the process by a week, (still within the 3 week time frame).

Q:Are stickers car safe?

All our stickers are weather proof, water proof, and uv resistant so yes they are safe for car. You have an expected life span pf +5 years.

Q:I don't see my clothing size...

We allow for custom clothing size, please order the largest size you see and leave it in the order note of the size you like, this may either add an additional $3 charge and/or an extra week worth of wait time.

Q:Do you do custom stickers?

Yes, please send us an email so we can discuss your vision!

Q:How can I get an Itasha from you?

We do do Itashas design/install, send us an email to see what slots we have available


Q:Do you accept sponsorships or models?

Sorry not at the moment.

Q:How do I wash the clothing

Flip clothing inside out

Choose washing in low temperatures, about 30-40 oC (86-104 F) or even at a cold wash and use medium washing cycles (600-800 rpm)

Q:How does sizing work

Our T-shirts, Long Sleeve and Black Hoodies run true to size and are pre-shrunk already.

All color hoodies run true to size up to sizes XL and up. So if ordering an XL, you may want to consider ordering a size up.

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